Photo credit - Sam Horine, 2008
There are plenty of practitioners who’ve carved a
well-deserved niche out with the medium — like Javier Pinon,
whose iconic cowboys-and-furniture works give the
cut-and-paste aesthetic new life.) ...Brian Douglas,
a.k.a. Elbow-Toe, gives us 2010’s "Bears" — a cut paper
on birch panel work that pictures a man helping a woman
out of her bear costume. The craftsmanship is impeccable,
and the weirdo narrative is intriguing and anything but obvious.

- Scott Indrisek, Modern Painters

On the walls, the work of Brian Adam Douglas (also known as
“Elbow-Toe”) thrills. His gorgeous collages are so papery and
textural, colourful and luminous that they look like vibrant,
painterly Old Masters.

- Ken Russell, The London Times